Voluntary Work

The restoration of the Liebermann Villa was only possible thanks to numerous committed individuals who volunteered time and effort to save the only authentic location in Berlin associated with Max Liebermann’s life from neglect and ruin. Their willingness to get involved and their tireless hard work have meant that today the villa and its surrounding garden are listed as protected monuments and can be used as a museum. The persistence and persuasiveness of these volunteers convinced numerous foundations and private benefactors to donate a total of €3 million for the restoration of the property between 2002 and 2006. Thus, volunteers have been a driving force and a decisive factor behind the success of this project from the very beginning. Volunteers did much of the work involved in both renovating the building and reconstructing the gardens, and it was largely thanks to their dedication that the Liebermann Villa was able to open its doors to museum visitors in April 2006. Today, a total of 130 regular volunteers remain an important pillar of the Liebermann Villa’s work. They exercise their talents at the ticket counter, in the bookshop, in the garden, in the office and as guides, and without the 12,000 hours of voluntary work they perform each year, the museum would not be able to survive. These volunteers identify so strongly with the Liebermann Villa that they give visitors the feeling of being Max Liebermann’s guests, guests in their museum. In this sense, volunteers not only made the restoration of the villa possible in the first place, they also contribute greatly to the unique charm of the museum and its friendly, personal atmosphere.