The collection at the Liebermann Villa on Lake Wannsee encompasses 154 of Liebermann’s works, which have all been donated to the museum or purchased since 2002. These include the painting Martha Liebermann und Enkelin (Martha Liebermann and Granddaughter), which was purchased with funds provided by the Ernst von Siemens Art Foundation, as well as many pastels and a considerable number of prints. Works featuring the Wannsee gardens as a motif are a thematic focus of the collections, which also includes several portraits of Liebermann by other artists such as Georg Kolbe, Fritz Klimsch, Conrad Felixmüller and Oskar Kokoschka.

In addition to its own small collection, the Liebermann Villa also exhibits a number of paintings on permanent loan from other museums, foundations and private collectors, including the Nationalgalerie, the Berlin City Museum Foundation, the Bühler-Brockhaus Collection and the collection of the Kunstkreis Berlin. Particularly outstanding works from the Nationalgalerie on display in the Liebermann Villa are the paintings Die Gartenbank (The Garden Bench) from 1917 and Das Landhaus am Wannsee (The Country House by Lake Wannsee) from 1926. The collection of Kunstkreis Berlin GbR, which is stored in the Liebermann Villa archive, encompasses around 90 paintings, drawings and prints by Liebermann, including the painting Blumenstauden am Gärtnerhäuschen nach Nordosten (Flowering Bushes by the Garden Shed Facing the North-East) from 1919.

A representative selection of these works is on permanent display in the rooms of the Liebermann Villa, offering visitors a unique opportunity to see Liebermann’s paintings in the setting where they were produced and in direct proximity to the motifs they depict.